Robert A. :These cookies are delicious and a perfect 10!! They are light and not too sweet. I love them with my ice cream or a cup of coffee.

Jennifer M.: So light and delicate, these cookies are truly delicious! Melt in your mouth treats that are very addictive in a good way! Pure joy to savor.

Stephanie M: These cookies are the perfect balance of sweetness & crunch...just love them. Perfect with coffee & hot tea!

Lisa O.: These cookies are amazing! Not only do the taste great are the perfect size, you know exactly what they are made of! No chemicals/preservatives. Don't hesitate...just buy some!

Robin G.: These cookies are--in the words of Barbra Streisand--like buttah! They are amazingly delicious with a soft velvety-buttery taste, while still being crispy yet delicate all at the same time. Just thinking about them literally makes my mouth water--lol. They're truly that good!

Sam W.: Everything I have ever been looking for in a cookie. New favorite treat - 5 stars are not enough!!!!!